Product review of Gardein Holiday Roast. The holidays for my family usually mean home cooked comfort food, for four. There is not much need for cooking massive amount of food because we typically are not feeding too many people. I love food from scratch as much as the next person but one year, I finally got around to purchasing an easy option, the Gardein Holiday Roast.

Coming from a family of meat eaters, I brought this holiday roast over to non-vegans who were willing to eat a vegan Thanksgiving. Again, we normally make food from scratch and I was really hoping I didn’t ruin the main dish by bringing over a processed fake vegan roast but there’s always that risk when trying something new.

This roast is easy to prepare and provided plenty for the four of us. Leaving no leftovers but leaving everyone full. The holiday roast has a cranberry and wild rice stuffing that is fantastic. All the flavors come through without being too mushy. The outer roast part is a turkey-like white meat, it didn’t dry out while cooking in the oven and was paired great with the gravy. I know gravy is HUGE for some people and this is something I’m not picky about. If you love gravy and have your own recipe, try making your own this this holiday roast to add your own touch. For us, the gravy that came with it was good. Not too salty and plenty of flavor.

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