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Vegan breakfast sandwiches, one of my favorite weekend treats! Vegan breakfast sandwiches are basically a no effort breakfast that looks and taste better then anything you’ll find from a drive through. Because this meal requires such little prep or cooking, I’ll use this post to review the products I used! I am based in California, USA and hope you can find these products or similar ones near you.


I’ve had my eyes on the new Whole Foods vegan croissants for a few weeks and they have been all sold out. Well, now I know why! These croissants are delcious and flaky. I have not had a croissant since being vegan and it was such a treat to find these. These croissants are so much larger than I anticipated. At $7.00 USD I think they are far worth the price because of the size.



YES! Beyond meat makes breakfast sausage patties that can be found at a few different grocery stores! I forgot the price of these but they taste just like a sausage patty you might find at a drive thru but not as greasy. They come on 6 small patties that are easy to cook on a skillet. Perfect size to me because I don’t want to cook more than I’m hungry for and sometimes I eat these by themselves for a quick breakfast.


I’m sure you have seen the Just Egg liquid ‘egg’ made from mung beans. Have you seen the Just Egg folded plant egg? I found this in the frozen section at Whole Foods. It comes with four folded plant egg that is perfect for making breakfast sandwiches or burritos! These are my new kitchen staple for a quick weekend breakfast because they are REALLY good. I always cook these up on a skillet but I do believe you can microwave them. They are easy and quick to cook and don’t stick to the pan at all.



Vegan cheese has been the deal breaker for a lot of new vegans. In the past few years the market for vegan cheese as exploded and I think that’s a good thing! With more options of vegan cheese now available it’s become harder to choose which one to try. I think this will always be a personal prefrence among the vegan community because there are so many factors. Does it melt? Too salty? Not creamy? Does it have an aftertaste? Is it expensive? So many questions about vegan cheese!

I try very hard to try new vegan cheese for a few different reasons, they all taste different and you need a variety for different meals. For my vegan breakfast sausage I definitely could have use a vegan sliced cheese but I really wanted that sharp cheddar taste.

Miyokos creamery has always been my favorite for mozzarella but it’s expensive. When I saw they had a new vegan farmhouse cheddar for a reasonible price of course I picked it up to try! This cheddar block actually lasted me awhile after using it for quesadillas, grated for tacos and sliced for this breakfast sandwiches. Before you ask, YES IT MELTS! This melts very well and has no strange after taste. Again, vegan cheese is something that is hard to reccomend but I personally love this product and will be purchasing it again. I found these at sprouts and spotted it at whole food as well.



Recipe by AlexisCourse: Breakfast, BrunchCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy


  • Beyond meat breakfast sausage patties

  • Just Egg folded plant egg

  • Croissant or English muffin

  • Vegan Cheese

  • Extra toppings (See notes)


  • Cook per product package instructions
  • Assemble


  • I added sweet earth bacon, avocado and hot sauce!

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