Vegan Bento Box

This Vegan Bento Box was a fun way to serve lunch. This can be made with whatever you like most but I used three different sushi rolls, teriyaki vegan chick’n, cream cheeze wontons and of course edamame! A similar bento box I used to get from a restaurant would be quite costly and breaking down each serving to make this at home was very affordable. I know up front veganism can sound expensive, but it you plan to use up all the ingredients in different meals, I think this is a fancy budget friendly meal.

When I make sushi, I almost always use a sushi rice because it turns out stickier (It is called sushi rice after all). If you like the taste of brown rice, I have made sushi with it before and it does work quite well. I use a rice cooker that makes this step easy and highly suggest one for anyone who cooks a lot of rice of any kind. For traditional sticky sushi rice, add rice vinegar, salt and sugar when rice is finished cooking. For the filling I used what I normally see at sushi restaurants which is carrot, avocado and cucumber. For one of my rolls, I used a vegan cream cheese for Philadelphia style roll. Using toasted seaweed sheets I rolled these up with a bamboo roller and each roll came out snug and easy to cut.

For my homemade cream cheese wontons I used the same vegan cream cheese I used in my Philadelphia sushi roll. Most wonton wrappers are vegan and can be found in the tofu section of most stores. These are easy to fold up (see package instructions) and to cook I used my air fryer to make them quick. These can come out crispier and more golden if you fry them but that sounded like a big mess I didn’t want to clean up. I brushed them with a small amount of olive oil and air fried for 375F for 3-4min. This varies depending on the brand of air fryer you have.

Edamame is one of my favorite snacks but makes a great addition to any meal because its packed with protein. This can be cooked different ways but steaming it in a microwave is very fast an easy. This is a very affordable food found in most grocery stores as well. I normally buy the frozen edamame but they have pre packaged ones as well. Edamame taste great with light salt but can also be dressed with soy sauce, garlic powder and sesame seeds for extra flavor.

Vegan teriyaki chick’n, I know when it comes to ‘fake meat’ people are very picky. Use whatever protein you know you enjoy. I think a seared tofu or tempeh would go great in place of this. I found a new brand called Barvecue in the frozen section of Sprouts. It has a smokey but plain flavor so it was perfect to heat with teriyaki.

If you like sushi, you probably like wasabi which is my favorite part of the meal. Be sure to include wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger for all the perfect flavors you’d get at a restaurant.

This post is more of a guide and inspiration to make your own vegan bento box. If you’d like help making something specific or have any questions, please let me know! If you made a similar vegan bento box, please show me by tagging me on Instagram HERE!

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