My Top 5 Favorite Vegan Brands

What’s the best brand?

This is the question I hear the most. People only want to shop for the best! When talking to the vegan community surely there are favorites but I always suggest people try something new because one mans trash might be another mans treasure! I have friends that shop at affordable grocery stores finding very unheard of Vegan brands and end up loving it. It’s easy to forget that expensive doesn’t always equal delicious. If you have tried new brands with no luck, then start to seek out referrals from social media groups or product reviews.

My top five favorite brands are the following;

Miyoko’s Creamery- A dairy alternative that comes in all kinds of flavors. I’ve had people tell my it’s not their favorite because some of the flavors can be salty but I have not had that issue for my taste buds (unless you buy the Lox of course). I have tried most of their product line and keep running back to the pepper jack slices because they melt well and taste great cold on a sandwich. Their butter sticks are great for baking or spreading on toast as well. Other brands of dairy alternatives I buy often are Violife, Kitehill and Forager but Miyokos has stayed my favorite so far.

Oatly- This milk alternative is popular for a good reason. It’s made from oats and they have various kinds you can choose from. I buy Oatly original most of the time. On special occasions, I buy their Barista edition to put in my coffee because the higher fat content makes it extra creamy and its delicious! I do not eat cereal so I can’t be the judge of that but for any other milk alternative needs it’s what works for me. The only other brand I buy if this is unavailable would be Almondmilk by Silk. I have tried other numerous brands and some of them either have too much sugar or they taste watered down. Also, they make ice cream that is fantastic as well!

Impossible Foods- I have said it in another post and I’ll say it again, I LOVE Impossible Foods! The flavor, texture and possibilities with this meat alternative is undeniably good. I have never had one from a fast food place before so I can’t judge that. The option to order this at a restaurant is great too. Of course I buy other brands of meat alternatives but this is going to be my first choice. If you have not tried it, I highly suggest cooking it at home for the best results. At this time they make both a burger patty and package of ground meat.

Gardein- I encourage others to eat healthy but a well balanced diet includes the occasional easy ‘junk food’ meal. When I first started going vegan I lived off gardein products and I still purchase them quite often. They have products from frozen chick’n strips, meatballs, breaded fish, one pan meals and they even make canned soup now. I love having the meatballs stocked in my freezer for spaghetti night. The jerky they make is the best vegan option I’ve tried to date. I have yet to try everything available because their product line is large but nothing I’ve tried so far was bad.

Follow your heart- This brand has cheese, mayo, dressings and more. I put this up here because I always have the vegan mayo to make aioli with. Their cheese as never disappointed me and their salad dressings and dips are my favorite. Vegan Ranch, Vegan Honey Mustard and Blue cheeze! I would suggest any new vegan to give it a try.

With all that said, everyone has different taste buds and diet restrictions. I have four members of my family who are vegan and they love these brands as well. While these are great substitutions and animal free, don’t forget to get your whole foods to get proper nutrition.

Check out my post about the AbillionVeg App and add me to see more vegan brands I use and review.

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