Drinking Enough Water

Really? A whole post around water? Well yeah I’m writing a whole post about water because it came to my attention that some people simply don’t drink it! Can you believe that. This post contains affiliate links.

How much water should you drink a day?

This is the most asked question and there isn’t exactly a one fits all answer. Staying properly hydrated can depend on your activity level, diet, physical activity, medications you may be on and even altitude! I’m no expert on water so i’m going to stay away from recommending how much is right for you, but I am here to motivate you to stay hydrated.


Common symptoms of dehydration include the color of your urine, feeling thirsty, tired and light headed. Dehydration can lead to heat injuries such as heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion. Let’s take a step back for a second, feeling thirsty is a symptom of dehydration? Of course we all get thirsty and crave a nice cold drink however, many people opt for a soda, beer or other more flavorful beverage other than water. This does not hydrate you as adequately as water! If you are feeling thirsty, you need to be drinking the appropriate amount of water because it’s your bodies way of asking for it.

Can’t drink water because it taste gross?

Many people find water, unappealing due to lack of flavor and/or mineral taste depending on where you source it from. There are multiple ways to fix that and keeping it healthy! Adding fruit, if you add fruit like lemon, raspberries, blueberries you can let it sit for a few hours and it becomes infused with natural flavors. Some people get fancy with cucumber and mint, this not only enhances the flavor of the water but adds some great nutrients for your body as well. There are popular flavor enhancing drops you can use or in a similar fashion, add a splash of fruity sports drink or juice if necessary. I don’t suggest replacing water with sports drink or juice because of the added sugars, but flavoring your water is fine if it helps you stay hydrated. My favorite way to enjoy water is adding coconut water that comes in a powder form, this contains vitamins to keep my hydrated and adds flavor as well.

Why water is essential

We talked about what are body does when we don’t give it enough water. Now let’s take a glimpse at what it does when it’s hydrated! Water affects energy levels and brain functions. It helps our digestive system aiding to keep things moving. It’s an aide to weight loss, it keeps us feeling full and it’s been known that people mistakenly feel hungry when they are actually thirsty. Alcohol, coffee and sun all drain water from us and by staying hydrated it can prevent unwanted hangovers and headaches. Water boost our cells to work properly which helps our skin look pretty. Sweating is essential to keep those heat injuries away and water provides the body to sweat properly. I can go on about the physical benefits but I think you know by now, water is essential.

Healthy Habits

Here’s a trick I like to use. When trying to create new healthy habits to your lifestyle, use baby steps. This trick is widely overlooked because when you commit to a new habit, you are probably really excited! Yay for change! Here’s why the baby steps work though, you are far more likely to commit because it’s not shocking your body into changing. As great as changing habits are, it’s not easy for anyone. Nobody wakes up one day totally different because we need to adapt. You have to train for a marathon, right? Adopting a new habit is a lifestyle change and you want it to last.

As for the water, if you calculated that you should be drinking more, start off increasing it slowly. If you can track how much you should be drinking this would be highly beneficial. If you just start chugging water you may drop your new habit very quickly because chugging water just isn’t the right way to be staying hydrated. Start by drinking a glass of water in the morning. I can assure you even those who are adequately hydrated don’t practice this top tip. When you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, you hydrate all those body parts that worked so hard repairing your body while you sleep! In addition, It removes the waste from your body and makes you feel alert. Keep a glass by your bed so it’s there when you wake up and try it for a few days.

The good, the bad and the ugly

We established water is good. The bad? Plastic water bottles. Hello! The environment is not doing too well and we just dispose or this plastic when there is another option? Reuse Reuse Reuse. The ugly? The taste from certain water companies! I won’t name names but wow some water brands have the worst tasting ‘spring water.’

I suggest carrying a water bottle. This may beneficial even when you are at home because the larger the bottle, the easier it can be to track your intake. They make all kinds from fancy, insulated, durable, colorful or whatever other need there is for a water bottle. Go find one, and make it your new best friend. I use a HydroJug mainly because it has a strap and I go walking a lot, it’s the easiest to clean and has a straw. I sure hope this post encouraged you to get the water you need!

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