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Air Fryer veggies meaning all of them please! I was excited to start cooking with less oil when I started using my air fryer. For this recipe I made crispy pigless pork rind coasted veggies! I made portobello slices, yellow baby potatoes and zucchini. If you have a favorite veggie I suggest any kind you want! A tomato or avocado would probably work just as well.

Flax Egg

You can’t cook without egg! Well I’m living proof that you totally can. I bake and coat things without egg all the time. I use flax seed or flax meal and it works out perfect especially for this recipe! It’s also beneficial nutrient wise because flax contains omega 3, fiber, protein and other required nutrition. These nutrients are essential to our diet to reduce risk of cancer and keep us energized.

Pigless Porkrinds

Disclaimer, this page does have affiliate links. Outstanding Foods has created an amazing Pigless Porkrind. These are an awesome snack containing protein without the animals or carbs! Crunchy, salty and flavorful. They come in a few different flavors, Hella hot, Texas BBQ, Nacho Cheese, Salt and Vinegar and Classic! They are made Vegan, Soy-free, Kosher and Gluten-free, unbelievable right? I snack on these all the time and of course even cook with them. You can check out Outstanding Foods HERE.

Choosing the right veggie

As I stated above, choose whatever! If you have never used your air fryer for vegtables you can’t go wrong throwing in any vegetable. I’m not a picky eater and enjoy everything and all things veggie, especially with they are crispy. You can also make mozzarella sticks or fried pickles using this recipe too! I should try that soon myself. The veggies would go great with this JalapeƱo Aioli!


Recipe by Alexis


  • Zuchini

  • Mushrooms

  • Potatoes

  • Pigless porkrinds

  • 2 Tbsp l Flax seed or meal

  • 6 Tbsp Water


  • Mix water and flax and set aside (no less than 10min) Use a big enough bowl to dip each sliced veggie in.
  • Pre heat Air fryer to 400F Set time for 10-13min (see notes)
  • Dip potatoes in the flax egg and start air frying
  • As your potatoes start to air fry, coat the rest of your veggies and add them into the air fryer. This gives the potatoes a head start as they take slightly longer.
    See notes about time, I kept an eye on them but it should take around 10min depending on your air fryer.


  • This recipe is OIL FREE because I didn’t think it needed any but spraying a little oil before you air fry them wouldn’t hurt.
  • You will have to keep an eye on the potatoes and maybe turn or switch them to the bottom rack depending on your air fryer. You can tell when they are done by taking one out and cutting it with a fork.

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