Vegan FAQ


Abillionveg App, a place for Plant Based!

I started using the Abillionveg App and I love it. I’m now an ambassador for this app and want to share what it’s all about! Abillionveg is a platform for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, vegan-curious etc. find products and restaurant reviews around the world! Usability Similar to other well known social apps, Abillionveg allows you to […]

Vegan FAQ

Grocery Shopping for Beginners

Helpful tips to successfully shop on a budget, build a grocery list and waste less food. If you are new to shopping, veganism or just want a little help on how to start cooking at home then keep reading. As always, if you have any additional ideas, please leave a comment! The List Food is […]

Vegan FAQ

Why do people go vegan?

Why do people go vegan? Veganism is the act from abstaining from animal products. This includes diet where the food is derived from any animals product. Material items made from animal product like leather, fur and other items made from parts of the animals. Exploitation of animals such as animals testing, using animals as props […]