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Vegan Nachos

There is NO wrong way to make and enjoy Nachos! Especially VEGAN nachos. I put together this quick nacho inspiration with my husband the other night and it turned out great so I wanted to share. Using some of my favorite brands, you can always replace with homemade stuff or your own favorite brands. I […]

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Stir Fry Soy Curls

I use soy curls in stir fry almost every week. They are easy, quick and a great way to change up my usual tofu stir fry, Add any stir fry veggies you prefer and serve with white rice or noodles. What are soy curls Soy curls are dehydrated soybeans and you can rehydrate them using […]


Vegan Banana Bread

The quarantine has everyone baking banana bread and it’s awesome! Banana bread is easy to bake and even though it has plenty of sugar, my recipe is a slightly healthier vegan option using ingredients like peanut butter and coconut nectar! I use vegan chocolate chips and serve with your favorite ice cream to make this […]



Lentil Wellington is something my family enjoyed even before going vegan! Lentils are packed with protien and good for just about any meat replacement in a meal. Just like many of my recipes, this is something you can make ahead if you want to make dinner easier. Just make the lentil filling and store it […]

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Vegan baked pasta is a warm and comforting dish that’s incredibly easy! This can be customized with your favorite noodle, vegtable or even adding in a favorite meat alternative. Vegan baked pasta is something I whipped up when I had little groceries left but still needed something to feed my hungry family of four. I […]

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Air Fryer veggies meaning all of them please! I was excited to start cooking with less oil when I started using my air fryer. For this recipe I made crispy pigless pork rind coasted veggies! I made portobello slices, yellow baby potatoes and zucchini. If you have a favorite veggie I suggest any kind you […]

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A big Burrito bowl is something everyone can enjoy and easily make at home. Anything can go in a burrito bowl right? Yes, that’s right but I want to share what I used. You may have heard of Soy Curls, but have you tried them? Soy curls are a meat subsitute that comes dehydrated. They […]

Spanish Rice
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Easy baked Spanish rice that is perfect to fill a burrito or spice up your meal served as a side. I use my rice cooker for most of my meals but this bakes in the oven and give it a nice fully finished rice. While the pre packaged rice can be convenient, making your own […]