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A big Burrito bowl is something everyone can enjoy and easily make at home. Anything can go in a burrito bowl right? Yes, that’s right but I want to share what I used. You may have heard of Soy Curls, but have you tried them? Soy curls are a meat subsitute that comes dehydrated. They are very easy to prepare and pick up any marinade or flavor you desire. It took me awhile to actually try them myself and now I’m hooked! I bought Butler soy curls off amazon because I can’t find them in a store near me. I’ve made multiple meals with them and will continue to test different ways to cook them but for now, burrito bowls is my go-to.


First, you soak the soy curls in water for about 10-15 minutes to rehydrate. Then you can drain and marinade any way you desire. The soy curls don’t really have a flavor of their own which is beneficial because you can make anything you want with them. I have used store bought stir fry sauce, dry spice and homemade marinades. For the Burrito Bowls, I use a mix of alive oil to coat and dry pre made fajiata/taco seasoning packet. You don’t need to let it sit to marinade, it will stick to the soy curls well.


Once in awhile I change what I’m cooking for dinner, in the middle of cooking! This was one of those days. I originally was going to make a burrito but after cooking the soy curls in a skillet, I really enjoyed the taste and didn’t want to mask it in a burrito. I know that might sound silly but it’s true. The soy curls cooked in a skillet stay soft, hold flavor well and almost resemble chopped chicken pieces. I got curious one day and popped a few pieces of soy curls into the air fryer, they turned out really crispy and I think I might even cook them in the air fryer next time. I haven’t tried baking them so if you do, let me know how it turns out!


Again, this is a burrito bowl and you can’t mess it up if you tried. I made some frozen fire roasted corn, cabbage lime and jalapeƱo slaw, slow cooked black beans and homemade baked Spanish rice! I even added a small quesadilla to the side because I bought some new vegan cheese I was eager to try melting.


Recipe by Alexis


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 Package of Soy Curls

  • 1 Cup frozen fire roasted corn

  • 2 cans black beans

  • Spanish rice store bought or my baked Spanish rice (see notes)

  • Tortilla

  • Vegan Cheese

  • Toppings (see notes)

  • 1 Taco spice packet or seasoning of choice


  • If using store bought Spanish rice, cook according to package. If you are using this recipe, I suggest making this ahead of time to make dinner time a little easier.
  • Soak soy curls in water for 10min and gently pat dry with paper towel, it shouldn’t me too dry just not soaking.
  • Coat soy curls with a little olive oil and rub in seasoning saving some of the packet for the beans, Let this sit while you prep the rest of your dinner. (see notes)
  • In a small sauce pan, cook drained beans on low heat. If your heat is too high they will get dry. Add a few tablespoons of water if needed and season with some of the taco packet (Just a pinch or two) cook until the rest of dinner is done. You can smash the beans with a potatoe masher to make refried style beans.

  • Cook corn per package instructions, either skillet or microwave. I buy the fire roasted so it has it’s own flavor without extra seasoning.
  • When everything is cooking start the soy curls on a med/high heat in a skillet. The soy curls don’t need to ‘cook’ but I like to heat them up nice and hot for about 7 minutes. They should brown and come to a slight crisp.
  • Make a quesadilla and assemble your bowl.


  • The spanish rice recipe is easy to prep but takes time to bake. This is why I always prep this ahead of dinner time so I can just heat it up when ready.
  • I used Miyokos creamery farmhouse cheddar block and Whole Food 365 brand mozzarella for my quesadilla, such a good mix that melts really well!
  • If you prepare your soy curls a different why, please leave a comment so I can try it next time!
  • I cook with my own spices often but sometimes buying a taco packet cuts time down. I always suggest a low sodium packet if available. It doesn’t have to be a dry seasoning packet, if you want one that uses oil it will still cook up nicely.
  • Top your bowl with your favorite vegan cheese, sour cream, avocado, lime and hot sauce. Burrito bowls are just a vessel for all those delicous fix-ins!

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