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BLK Water is an alkaline water containing fulvic acids that help us stay hydrated. It has no taste or sugar, it’s just water! Don’t let the black liquid scare you, it won’t stain your teeth either!

Personally, I drink BLK water because I’m into fitness and the more you sweat the more important it is to stay hydrated with electrolytes and antioxidants and sport drinks are too sugary. I enjoy a glass of coconut water or alkaline water to replenish.

Need a halloween idea? Pour a glass of “halloween water” for the kids and tell them a scary story. It’s a win win because the kids get water and you get to make halloween more fun! I think there are people who may find black colored water very cool or very unappetizing and I don’t blame them. I wasn’t sure about this drink color but now that I know it has no taste, I find it very cool!

Give it a try today and use code “AlexisM” for a discount! BLK Water

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