Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are the current leading plant based alternative to meat. So which one is better?


I simply can’t answer that for you. It all depends on what you’re eating and where it’s from! Beyond Meat now has a wide range of products from frozen crumbles to sausage, breakfast patties and even CHICK’N for the fast food chain KFC. Impossible foods is rising and now located in many different stores like Kroger, Gelsons and Trader Joe’s. Impossible foods does offer a new sausage breakfast patty in select Starbucks location but this item can’t be bought in stores (yet).

Vegan homemade beyond burger


As I write this, we are currently in a pandemic and my food adventures have only been home food adventures. I have had both the impossible burger and beyond burger from sit down restaurants in the past but not from any fast food places. From a restaurant, the impossible burger wins. I assume it’s texture before cooking is so much like the real deal that cooks are better at judging how to cook it. With that said, my husband says it was ‘undercooked’ and too meat-like for him. He actually asked the waitress three time if it was for sure the Impossible meat! The beyond meat from sit down restaurants is just a hit or miss for me. I’m not entirely sure if they season it, over cook it to dry out or simply just never tasted it but it seems every time I get my hopes up, I always wish I would just have cooked it at home.


Here is where things change. I grill up meat alternatives for my family often and I don’t think I could choose a favorite if I tried! Something about keeping an eye and flipping these vegan burgers yourself just changes the way they taste entirely. You can’t get these same flavors from a restaurant.

I have cooked both brands in a skillet and on the grill. I’ll always recommend the grill but cooking it on a skillet works just as well. When I first made the beyond burger, I think I over cooked it. When it starts to heat up it doesn’t become as brown as the real meat would. After making them a few time I corrected my cooking times and these burgers come out juicy and delicious. The texture is good, but not like the real thing.

The Impossible burger, as I said before I won’t choose a favorite but that doesn’t mean my family won’t. Impossible meat has a texture and flavor just like the real deal. For some, this may be bad news but for meat eaters this is a huge step in technology to better the planet! The Impossible burger is easier to cook than beyond because it comes packaged more red and browns like real meat so you know when it’s done cooking. The Impossible burger also contains coconut oil that keeps the meat alternative incredibly juicy and I have never had it too dry. It has a stronger meat like flavor over the beyond which is why my family likes it best.


I highly suggest having a taste test at home before trying these in a restaurant when before you judge them. Both are incredible brands, one being more affordable than the other but well worth the price. Check out each website to learn how switching to a plant based meat once in awhile can greatly benefit out climate. I don’t eat these to be healthy, I eat these because I enjoy them and I enjoy being a part of something that benefits out future.


Check out Impossible foods Taste Place for rewards points when you sign up. You can submit receipts, photos and referrals and earn points.

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  1. I second that tip about trying both at home before judging each at restaurants! I’ve had the Impossible Burger from the same restaurant/same location and was greatly disappointed the second time. Depends on the cook!

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