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Want help reaching your fitness goals?

My name is Alexis and I coach men and women who want to start their fitness journey! I provide online one on one coaching and basic nutrition guidance to set you up for success. New and exciting workouts to keep you mentally and physically healthy! There is no better time to start than now. No […]

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Drinking Enough Water

Really? A whole post around water? Well yeah I’m writing a whole post about water because it came to my attention that some people simply don’t drink it! Can you believe that. This post contains affiliate links. How much water should you drink a day? This is the most asked question and there isn’t exactly […]

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Stir Fry Soy Curls

I use soy curls in stir fry almost every week. They are easy, quick and a great way to change up my usual tofu stir fry, Add any stir fry veggies you prefer and serve with white rice or noodles. What are soy curls Soy curls are dehydrated soybeans and you can rehydrate them using […]


Vegan Banana Bread

The quarantine has everyone baking banana bread and it’s awesome! Banana bread is easy to bake and even though it has plenty of sugar, my recipe is a slightly healthier vegan option using ingredients like peanut butter and coconut nectar! I use vegan chocolate chips and serve with your favorite ice cream to make this […]



Lentil Wellington is something my family enjoyed even before going vegan! Lentils are packed with protien and good for just about any meat replacement in a meal. Just like many of my recipes, this is something you can make ahead if you want to make dinner easier. Just make the lentil filling and store it […]


Abillionveg App, a place for Plant Based!

I started using the Abillionveg App and I love it. I’m now an ambassador for this app and want to share what it’s all about! Abillionveg is a platform for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, vegan-curious etc. find products and restaurant reviews around the world! Usability Similar to other well known social apps, Abillionveg allows you to […]


Vegan Pesto Gnocchi and Zoodles

Vegan Pesto and Gnocchi with zoodles is a delicious and healthy meal. This is something you can prep ahead of time to make it much easier to assemble for dinner and throw in the oven. I used homemade vegan pesto which is incredibly easy to make. For this recipe I made a double batch because […]

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Grocery Shopping for Beginners

Helpful tips to successfully shop on a budget, build a grocery list and waste less food. If you are new to shopping, veganism or just want a little help on how to start cooking at home then keep reading. As always, if you have any additional ideas, please leave a comment! The List Food is […]