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Baby Bella Taco Bites

Baby Bella Taco bites are a great way to change up a Taco Tuesday or serve as an appetizer! Using your favorite faux meat, a few veggies and spices makes for a quick meal. I served this with chips, guacamole and salsa for a filling meal. I would suggest using larger portabella mushroom but my […]

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Vegan Kabobs with Seitan

Vegan Kabobs with Seitan, an easy healthy weeknight meal. Loaded marinated vegetable Kabobs with a side of baked seitan that’s seared in marinade for extra flavor. This is a meal great on it’s own or served with a greek salad or Naan bread. This meal takes time to marinate and bake which makes it perfect […]

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Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

This recipe for Vegan Scalloped Potatoes is quick to prepare and very comforting. This would be good on its own or with added topping such as some vegan bacon. Using Miyokos Liquid Mozzarella as a top layer for extra cheezy goodness! The bottom half of cheeze sauce is a simple homemade roux and a handful […]


Vegan Bento Box

This Vegan Bento Box was a fun way to serve lunch. This can be made with whatever you like most but I used three different sushi rolls, teriyaki vegan chick’n, cream cheeze wontons and of course edamame! A similar bento box I used to get from a restaurant would be quite costly and breaking down […]

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Mushroom Black Bean Burger Patty

This is my favorite recipe for a mushroom black bean burger because it takes less than 20min to prepare and makes dinnertime so much easier. The reason I like these so much is because the base of the patty can be adjusted to whatever flavor of burger you may be cooking later. My husband isn’t […]

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Vegan Queso

Vegan Queso is a perfect pairing for chips, nachos, tacos and so much more. There are so many varieties of homemade vegan queso out there and honestly this one is not that different but it’s mine. Making a vegan queso at home is cheaper, healthier and usually better because you can adjust the flavors yourself. […]

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Indonesian Noodles

Indonesian Noodles is a vegan dish that I should have made a lot sooner. I’m always making a stir-fry of some sort but these are slightly more unique in flavor. Of course the vegetables can be replaced with whatever your favorite may be. The sauce comes together quick and depending on what noodles you use, […]

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Vegan Mac and Cheeze

There are many claims out there being the best vegan version of the beloved cheese so many miss. This isn’t one of those claims. I will never write a post and suggest there’s a replacement for cheese because lets face it, we all like different things and that’s ok! However, if your still here reading […]


Miyokos Mozzarella

This liquid gold as my husband calls it is awesome for Pizza, Mac and cheese (but as a topping) and Lasagna. I can only imagine there’s a lot more than this can be used in but so far that’s what I’ve tried personally. I’ve attached a few pictures of the dishes I’ve used this in. […]

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Vegan Nachos

There is NO wrong way to make and enjoy Nachos! Especially VEGAN nachos. I put together this quick nacho inspiration with my husband the other night and it turned out great so I wanted to share. Using some of my favorite brands, you can always replace with homemade stuff or your own favorite brands. I […]